TransPecos Banks taps Episode Six to launch extensive credit card offering

TransPecos deploys E6Issuing, E6Wallet to bring fully developed card issuing and processing products to its customers


SAN ANTONIO and AUSTIN, April 5, 2023 — TransPecos Banks, SSB – a Texas banking organization with locations in the TransPecos Region of West Texas and San Antonio – today announced the launch of its extensive credit card offering in partnership with global payments and banking infrastructure provider Episode Six (E6).


As a leader in the fintech sponsorship market, which is increasingly moving beyond deposit accounts and debit cards, TransPecos Banks identified “Card as a Service” (CaaS) as an untapped market that offers customers advantages through more innovative card solutions and rewards options. Through E6’s E6Issuing and E6Wallet products, both built on the Tritium® platform, TransPecos is well-equipped to offer speed-to-market credit capabilities to its customers with the ability to adjust as demands shift.


“We were looking for a tech stack and bank sponsorship services in a single platform that was fully integrated and ready to launch,” said Dave Kochbeck, chief technology officer of TransPecos Banks. “We found the right partner in E6, as they provide the flexibility to support any card type, including the ability to offer multi-currency transactions, without the need for our customers to build their own mobile app. By breaking free of limitations presented by legacy solutions, we’re now able to pursue any type of business.”


TransPecos is using E6’s Tritium platform as a virtual account ledger to sponsor their customers and as an issuer processor to sponsor card programs. Through E6Issuing specifically, TransPecos has already implemented multiple credit card products, including one that helps new doctors succeed after they graduate medical school.


“We share common values with TransPecos, including developing and bringing to market innovative, digital-first products that are customer-centric,” said John Mitchell, CEO and co-founder of E6. “We’re proud to help this Texas-based institution deliver innovative payments and credit products that meet the needs of its customers – both today and well into the future.”


TransPecos joins a growing list of banks that are choosing E6 as their payments and banking infrastructure partner. For more information, visit To learn more about TransPecos Banks, visit

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